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  • Challenger Mod
    Challenger Mod
    Adds new roles (23), some roles are exclusive ! New Custom Hats/Colors/Features/Map/Gamemode
    • lunastellia
    • Updated:
  • Mod Manager
    Software Mod Manager
    Allows you to switch between many known mods easily.
    • Matux
    • Updated:
  • Sheriff Role
    Sheriff Role
    Adds the Sheriff
    • SiriHack
    • Updated:
  • Vent Digger Imposter
    Vent Digger Imposter
    Allows the imposter to make their own vents.
    • Mxnority
    • Updated:
  • Too Many Roles
    Too Many Roles
    Adds Investigator, Time Master, Lighter, and Psychic
    • Hardel
    • Updated:
Among Us Detective SiriHack
Among Us mod to allow one character to be the detective.
2.00 star(s) 1 ratings
Anonymous Impostors SiriHack
Anonymous Impostors is a mod for Among Us that allows to make impostors anonymous to each other.
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings