Sheriff Role

Sheriff Role v1.24 (v2021.6.30s)

Among Us Sheriff

Original author : Woodi-dev

*Note this only works with others who have installed the mod also, aka your friends.*​

Adds a new Crewmate class to the game, the Sheriff, who's goal is to kill the imposter.

The Sheriff is able to kill Impostors. If they shoot a Crewmate, they will lose their life instead.



Sheriff Tutorial by Sloppy Gaming (Download File at the top of this page).

Skip to 1:32 for installation.​

SiriHack's Installation Guide: Among Us BepInEx
  • Download the Mod for your specific game version. You are not able to launch the game if the versions do not match.
  • Extract the contents "" into your Among Us directory.
  • Make sure to launch the game via Among Us.exe
  • Please note that the first time launching the game with this mod may take a while
Verifying installation success
  • Launch the Game via Among Us.exe.
  • In the top-left corner, below Among Us version, you should see loaded Sheriff Mod vx.y by Woodi
  • If you don't see this message please take a look at our troubleshooting section.
How It should look after Installing


To uninstall​

  • Remove the files below from your Among Us Directory


  • Fixed a bug: Custom Sheriff Settings are not visible if language is not set to english
  • Fixed a bug: custom server region name is South America
  • Sheriff no longer can kill Impostors hiding in vents
  • Sheriff no longer can kill if they do not see their target
  • Sheriff cannot kill during meeting and tasks
  • Sheriff kill cooldown does not count down anymore during tasks
  • Bugfix: Show Sheriff option disapears in Game Settings tab
  • More stable Net Code (Sometimes players do not become Sheriff)

  • Added Sheriff kill cooldown option to the game lobby
  • Added Q shortcut to kill as Sheriff
  • Kill distance of Impostor and Sheriff are now the same
  • Fixed a bug where the outline of the target disappears (Impostor)
  • Several null pointer bug fixes
  • Initial Release

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[email protected]

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Latest updates

  1. Sheriff Mod 1.24 (v2021.6.30s)

    Release v1.24 for Among Us version v2021.6.30s
  2. Sheriff Mod 1.23 (v2021.6.15s)

    Release v1.23 for Among Us version v2021.6.15s
  3. Sheriff Mod 1.23 (v2021.5.25.2s)

    Release v1.23 for Among Us version v2021.5.25.2s

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pls update the mod link
good mod btw can you update the download link because the mod is now updated to v2021.3.31.3s :