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Among Us Mod Manager

Original author : MatuxGG

Discord: Mod Manager

Mod Manager

Among us Mod Manager is an open source software for the popular game Among Us. It allows to switch between many known mods easily.



  • Download and install .net 5 here. (Or alternatively from here if you're using a 32bit system)
  • Download the latest "ModManagerInstaller.exe" in the release section.
  • Launch the installer and choose a location for the software. (You shouldn't select your Among Us directory !)
  • Everything is set up ! :)

How to use it?​

  • Launch Mod Manager from windows (use the shortcut or the search bar).
  • A window will open.
  • You can select any number of mod just by checking them. Then, press update to process the install.
  • If at any point, you want to remove all mods installed, you have a button to do so.
  • You're ready to play ! :)

How to synchronise your installed mods with your friends ?​

On the bottom side, there is a code that you can share to your friends.
They just have to enter it in their own Mod Manager to have the same configuration you have.
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Latest updates

  1. Mod Manager 4.0.13

    Direct install for Various fix
  2. Mod Manager 4.0.12

    This version is mainly here to provide access to directly from Mod Manager. Check out...
  3. Mod Manager 4.0.11

    This version includes mainly quality of life changes. Detailed changes: - New roll/unroll...

Latest reviews

This is amazing! 🎆 It has 🤔👉 a ton of popular 👍😁😂 mods 👮 that 😠 makes 🤔 it easy 😩 for 🍆🔄💥💯 me 🙋 to switch 💡 between 👉👈 them! 💅
Great for those not comfortable moving files around on their computer! Keeps mods up to date without having to worry "Am I on latest version?". Only downside is that cannot save lobby settings to slots, it will be erased.
That's not how it's supposed to work. Please, use the discord server to report this bug. Thanks for your review ^^
Amazing mod manager for among us. Easily allows you to switch between diffrent mods. The developer is great and is willing to work with you and fix bugs asap. 10/10 recommend for anyone who would like to play with different mods.
After the last update it's working as expected. Nice one :D
I can't open it. The loading bar stops right before the end and then it's stuck and don't open. It seems to be some good software based on the reviews. Please fix it :(
Hi ! The bug you were running has been solved in version 4.0.6. Please, make the update to be able to fully use the software :)
Very good ;) the last version its just perfect !
i can't open this app it says Can't reach mod manager server
Please, update manually to version The update system broke in version
i'm not giving this app 1 rating but when i open the app it says "Can't reach mod manager server. Please verify your internet connection and try again" but i already have strong internet connection
Please, update manually to version The update system broke in version
It automatically closes when i click
There was a bug in version An update has been release today that fixes it. Enjoy ;)
Piece of good software.
as hell