Town Of Us

Town Of Us v2.2.1

Original author : SlushieGoose

*Note this only works with others who have installed the mod also, aka your friends.*​

Adds 24 new roles, with settings to change the chance of obtaining one. And also adds 5 new modifiers



Team: Impostors

The Mafia are a group of three Impostors:
The Godfather is a normal impostor and can sabotage and kill.
The Mafioso is an impostor who cannot sabotage nor kill until the Godfather is dead.
The Janitor cannot kill but can clean up bodies.
If the Janitor is the last one left and the setting is enabled, The Janitor will be able to kill but not clean

NOTE - The Mafia only appears in games of 3+ impostors, even when set to a 100% chance.


New Colors!

New colors are added for crewmates so that they can be more colors​

Rainbow Color!

A rainbow color has also been added. Anyone who equips this color will constantly switch between the colors of the rainbow.

Bugs, suggestions and requests

If you have any bugs or any need to contact me, join the Discord server or create a ticket on GitHub

Credits & Resources

ReactorThe framework of the mod
BepInExFor hooking game functions
Among-Us-Sheriff-ModFor the Sheriff role.
Among-Us-Love-Couple-ModFor the inspiration of Lovers role.
ExtraRolesAmongUsFor the Engineer & Medic roles.
TooManyRolesModsFor the Investigator & Time Lord roles.
TorchModFor the inspirtation of the Torch Mod.
XtraCubeFor the RainbowMod.
PhasmoFireGodButton Art.
TheOtherRolesFor the inspiration of the Child and Spy roles.
EssentialsFor created custom game options.
Essentialsv1.0.3 uses this directly.
Essentialsv1.1.0 uses this modified version of Essentials
Essentialsv1.2.0 has Essentials embedded


Mafia Mod Tutorial by Sloppy Gaming (Download File at the top of this page).

Skip to 3:53 for installation.​
SiriHack's Installation Guide: Among Us BepInEx
  • Download the zip (1.2.0) for the latest supported version of Among Us (2021.3.5s)
  • Find the folder of your game, for steams players you can right click in steam, on the game, a menu will appear proposing you to go to the folders.
  • Make a copy of your game (not required but recommended)
  • Drag or extract the files from the zip into your game, at the .exe level.
  • Run the game and enjoy!
How It should look after Installing


To uninstall​

Remove the files below from your Among Us Directory



  • New roles: Snitch, Arsonist, Swooper, and Miner
  • New modifiers: Tiebreaker and Drunk
  • Exporting and Importing game settings which sync between versions 1.2.0 and future versions
  • Disconnect fix
  • Mayor additions - Abstain button, Option for Mayor's extra votes to be anonymous
  • Option for dead to see the roles of everyone
  • Custom colours now work!
  • Separate versions for both v2020.12.9s and v2021.3.5s in History
  • New roles (see above)
  • New modifiers (see above)
  • The Engineer has been changed to the ExtraRoles version
  • Backend overhaul! This will make it easier to add new roles
  • New Button Art!
  • Maps and Impostor Count can be changed from the Lobby!
  • Shadows for the Custom Colours
  • Fixes:
    • The Jester and The Shifter unable to fix Sabotages
    • The Time Lord's Rewind not auto-force closing tasks
    • The Q button not working for Sheriff
    • The Shifter's Shift looking too much like a Kill
    • Changing colours would render you weirdly green in normal Among Us
  • Fixes Engineer being able to Fix every sabotage
  • Fixes the Investigator being able to revive people voted out (and instead made it an option)
  • Fixes Footprints not appearing if a person walks over old footprints
  • Fixes graphical glitch where Jester and Lovers simultaneously win
  • Stopped players from spawning back into positions from the last game when time is rewound
  • Fixes Graphical Bug of Time Master's name not being blue in Meetings
  • Fixed Medbay Scan not working for custom colours

This release fixes the following issues:
  • Swapper unable to vote
  • Mayor Vote Bank ending up negative
  • Anonymous Voting not working when Mayor is in a game
  • Chats not working in the lobby
  • Sheriff desync (I think)
  • Buttons being able to be used during meetings
  • Fixed launch errors
    Please use the Discord Server for any bugs/feature requests
  • Initial Release (Doesn't Work)
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

More resources from Mxnority

  • Extra Roles
    Extra Roles
    Adds Medic, Officer, Engineer, and Joker
  • Popeyes Roles
    Popeyes Roles
    Adds 5 extra roles to among us.
  • Psychic Mod
    Psychic Mod
    Allows the Imposters to have Psychic powers
  • Minato Mod
    Minato Mod
    ? This role brings Minato Namikaze from the Naruto series to Among Us!
  • LTHC-Mod
    Adds a test role, not meant to be a playable mod.

Latest updates

  1. Town of Us v2.2.1

    Fix for the credits removed in v2.0.3
  2. Town of Us v2.2.0

    Merge pull request #272 from NotSugden/patch-1 chore: remove comment
  3. Town Of Us v2.1.4

    New Role (Phantom, Undertaker, Underdog) Custom Color Hats Fix for launching issues Fix for the...

Latest reviews

Best modpack I found and I tried many! I hope they add the snitch soon as it is the only major missing role here!
The mod is large. Have huge amount of roles and is vell done.
Great fun on crowded lobby 10+. Some small bugs can occur, but it's nearly nothing :D
Yeah it's a pretty big mod and it's really fun with a full lobby! If you find any bugs, you can join their discord and let them know.