Extra Roles

Extra Roles 1.3.1 (v2021.31.3s)

Among Us Extra Roles

Original author : NotHunter101

Discord: Extra Roles AU Mod

*Note this only works with others who have installed the mod also, aka your friends.*​

A BepInEx mod for Among Us that adds 4 new roles into the game.. These roles include "Medic", "Officer", "Engineer", and "Joker".

The Medic can give any player a shield that will make them immortal. Although, if The Medic dies, the shield will break. The only exception is The Officer; they will still die if they try to kill a Crewmate. The Medic's other feature shows when they find a corpse: they can get a report that contains clues to the killer's identity. The type of information they get is based on a timer that can be configured inside the lobby.


The Officer is a class of Crewmate that is allowed to kill people, similar to Impostors. Their goal is to locate the Impostor and deliver vigilante justice, but if they accidentally shoot a Crewmate, they die instead.


The Engineer can repair one emergency per game from anywhere on the entire map. The other ability of The Engineer is that they are able to use the vents that were previously exclusive to Impostors.


The Joker is interesting; they aren't part of the Crewmates or Impostors, and they can only win by being falsely convicted as an Impostor. If The Joker get's voted off the ship, the game will end instantly. The Joker also has no tasks.



Extra Roles Tutorial by Sloppy Gaming (Download File at the top of this page).

Skip to 5:24 for installation.

General Tutorial here: Sloppy Gaming's Installation Tutorial
SiriHack's Installation Guide: Among Us BepInEx
  • Download the Mod at the top of the page for your specific game version (12.9s).
  • Extract the contents of "Extra Role Files 1.3.1.zip" into your Among Us directory.
  • Launch the game and enjoy!
How It should look after Installing


To uninstall​

  • Remove the files below from your Among Us Directory


  • Updated Version String
  • Adds a small feature: An API server will be pinged procedurally so a public "player counter" can be accessed at: http://computable.us:5001/api/playercount. No sensitive information about any clients is distributed or logged.
  • Added more visibility settings for the shielded player. (Courtesy of BrandonLOrellana)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed dead Engineers to call sabotages.
  • Changed the Engineer's color to a lighter orange so it's more distinguishable from the Impostor red.
  • Change it so when players are exiled, their roles are revealed. (assuming Confirm Ejects are on)
  • Switch the Joker win-screen to only appear when the Exile Cutscene is over.
  • Add a cyan outline for the shielded player so hats obscuring the shielded player's visor don't make them undetectable.
  • Fix the "Q" key not activating specialized role abilities.
  • Add configurable game option to completely disable medic reports.
  • Fixed the Officer cooldown not resetting when a meeting was called.
  • Coding Fix
  • Re-added optional support for custom servers
  • Fixed various graphical bugs
  • Coding Fix
  • Removed the need for custom servers
  • Fixed Meeting name colour bug
  • A small patch that fixes ability buttons appearing incorrectly
  • Added a map for The Engineer to fix sabotages
  • Shrunk the game settings text small enough so all the items fit on screen.
  • This patch automatically switches the region to Custom instead of North America
  • A small patch for the mod that adds in-lobby game settings and turns off logging some events that may give players an unfair advantage.
  • First Official Release
First release
Last update
4.67 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Extra Roles 1.3.1 (v2021.31.3s)

    Updated role abilities Updated to support the latest version of Among us
  2. Extra Roles 1.3.1 (v2021.3.5s)

    This is a version of the mod that should mostly work on the latest Among Us version. Keep in...
  3. Extra Roles 1.3.1 Custom

    A private region has been added to the game so that it's playable.

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