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Among Us The Other Roles

Original author : Eisbison

Discord: The Other Roles

*Note this only works with others who have installed the mod also, aka your friends.*​

The Other Roles

Adds 25 additional roles to the game. Even more roles are coming soon :)


Role Assignment

We are still improving the role assignment system. It's not that intuitive right now, but it's more flexible than the older one if you're using it right.

First you need to choose how many special roles you want in the game (one option for Impostor roles and one option for the rest). The count you set will only be reached, if there are enough Crewmates/Impostors in the game and if enough roles are set to be in the game (i.e. they are set to > 0%). The roles are then being distributed as follows:
  • First all roles that are set to 100% are being assigned to arbitrary players
  • After that each role that has 10%-90% selected adds 1-9 tickets to a ticket pool (one pool for Impostors, one for Crewmates). Then the roles will be selected randomly from that pool as long as possible (until the selected number is reached, until there are no more crewmates or until there are no more tickets). If a role is selected from the pool, obviously all the tickets of that role are being removed.
Settings: 2 special crewmate roles, Snitch: 100%, Spy: 10%, Tracker: 30%
Result: Snitch is assigned, then one role out of the pool [Spy, Tracker, Tracker, Tracker] is being selected
Note: Changing the settings to Spy: 20%, Tracker: 60% would statistically result in the same outcome .


Team: Impostors

The Mafia are a group of three Impostors.
The Godfather works like a normal Impostor.
The Mafioso is an impostor who cannot kill nor sabotage until the Godfather is dead.
The Janitor is an impostor who cannot kill nor sabotage, but he can hide dead bodies instead.

  • There have to be 3 impostors activated for the mafia to spawn.

Team: Impostors

The Morphling is an impostor which can additionally scan the appearance of a player. After an arbitrary time he can take on that appearance for 10s.

  • He shrinks to the size of the child when he copies its look.
  • The color of the footprints does not change.
  • The Seer still sees the Morphlings role if he revealed it.
  • The other impostor still sees that he is an impostor (the name remains red).

Team: Impostors

The Camouflager is an impostor which can additionally activate a camouflage mode. The camouflage mode lasts for 10s and while it is active, all player names/pets/hats are hidden and all players have the same color.

  • The Child and Morphling when copying the child remain small.
  • The color of the footprints does not change.
  • The Seer still sees all the roles he revealed.

Team: Either Crewmates or Imposters

There are always two lovers which are linked together.
Their goal is it to stay alive together until the end of the game.
If one Lover dies (and the option is activated), the other Lover suicides.
There is a 67% chance that both Lovers are crewmates and a 33% chance that one of them is an impostor (ImpLover) and one a crewmate. In both cases they don't see the role of the other player, they only see that they are a Lover
The Lovers win if they are both alive among the last 3 players, however they can also win with their respective role.
If both Lovers are crewmates, they can achieve a "double victory" but the crewmates then also win.
If one Lover is an impostor and one a crewmate, they can get a "Lovers solo win" where only they win (even if there is another impostor alive).

  • If there is an equal amount of impostors and crewmates left in the game and one of the Lovers is an impostor, the game is not automatically over since the Lovers can still achieve a solo win. E.g. if there are the following roles Impostor + ImpLover + Lover + Crewmate left, the game will not end and the next kill will decide if the impostors or Lovers win.
  • The Lovers can change if the Shifter exchanges role with one of the Lovers

Team: Crewmates

The Sheriff has the ability to kill impostors. If he tries to kill a crewmate, he dies instead.

  • For now the Shifter won't die to the Sheriff (an option will be added in the next version).
  • If the Sheriff shoots the person the Medic shielded, the Sheriff and the shielded person both remain unharmed.

Team: Neutral

The Jester has zero tasks and their aim is to be voted out.
If they are voted out then the game finishes and they win.
However, the Jester does not win if the Crewmates or Impostor wins.


Team: Crewmates

The Seer has the ability to find out about people's intentions. The information is only visible to himself.
Depending on the selected option he either directly sees the role of the player (appended to his name) or if the player is a good (name text changes to yellow) or a bad (name text changes to a darker color) player.
Depending on the selected option the player will get a blue flash on his screen if he is being revealed by the Seer.

  • Good players: Crewmates with all their special roles\
  • Bad players: Impostors with all their special roles (Mafia, Morphling, Camouflager, ImpLover) and the neutral roles (Jester, Shifter)
  • Cooldown: The cooldown of the Seer will not be reset after a meeting (in order to balance the option to reveal roles)
  • If the role of a revealed player changes during the game (because of e.g. the Shifter), the information of the Seers also adapts.
  • When the Camouflager camouflages all players or the Morphling copies the appearance of another player, the Seer still sees the information he gained earlier (i.e. he still sees that the player is the Morphling even if his appearance is different).
  • If the Shifter exchanges the role with the Seer the information gained by the Seer will be transferred to the new Seer (i.e. the new Seer sees what the old one revealed and the old one "loses" the information he gained).

Team: Crewmates

The Engineer (if alive) can fix one sabotage per game from anywhere on the map.
The Engineer can use vents.


Team: Crewmates

The Detective can see footprints that other players leave behind.

  • Even when the Morphling changes his appearance or the Camouflager camouflages everyone, the Detective still sees the right (original) colors.

Team: Crewmates

The vision of the Lighter never changes, even if the lights are out.
Depending on the options the Lighter can have a bigger or smaller vision than other crewmates.


Team: Crewmates

The Child won't be harmed by anyone, since if it dies everyone besides the child will lose the game.
The Child's character is smaller and hence visible to everyone in the game.
The child works with the crewmate and aims to play out the strength of its "invincibility".
It does not want to win the game as a dead child and the impostors don't want to deny a crewmate win by killing a child (changes will come to prevent this behaviour).


Team: Crewmates

The Medic can shield (highlighted by an outline around the player) one player per game, which makes the player unkillable.
The shielded player can still be voted out and might also be an impostor.
If set in the options, the shielded player will get a red flash on his screen if someone (Impostor, Sheriff, ...) tried to murder him. If the Medic dies, the shield disappears with him.
The Sheriff will not die if they try to kill a shielded crewmate and won't perform a kill if they try to kill a shielded impostor.
The Medic's other feature shows when they report a corpse: they recieve clues about the killer's identity. The type of information they get is based on the time it took them to find the corpse.

  • Lighter Colors: Pink, orange, yellow, white, cyan, lime
  • Darker Colors: Red, blue, green, grey, purple, brown
  • If the shielded player is a Lover and the other Lover dies, he nevertheless kills himself.
  • If the Shifter has a shield or his target has a Shield, the shielded player switches.

Team: Crewmates

The Mayor leads the crewmates by having a vote that counts twice.


Team: Crewmates

The Spy is a Crewmate, which has no special abilities.
The Spy looks like an additional Impostor to the Impostors, they can't tell the difference.
There are two possibilities (depending on the set options):
  • The Impostors can't kill the Spy (because otherwise their kill button would reveal, who the Spy is)
  • The Impostors can kill the Spy but they can also kill their Impostor partner (if they mistake another Impostor for the Spy) You can set whether the Sheriff can kill the Spy or not (in order to keep the lie alive).


Team: Neutral

The Shifter belongs to no team and has no tasks.
The Shifter always loses the game, however they can exchange roles with other players.
Swapping roles with a crewmate or a custom crewmate role (or the Jester) gives them their role and their tasks, the other player becomes the new Shifter.
Swapping roles with an impostor or a custom impostor role fails and the Shifter commits suicide.
The special interactions with the Shifter are noted in the chapters of the respective roles.

  • If the Shifter takes over a role, his new cooldowns will start at the maximum cooldown of the ability
  • One time use abilities (e.g. shielding a player or engineer sabotage fix) can only used by one player in the game (i.e. the Shifter can only use them, if the player they exchanged roles with have not used them before)
Time Master

Team: Crewmates

The Time Master can rewind the time.
If set in the options, players will be revived during the time rewind.
Only movement and kills are affected (not cooldowns, meetings, tasks, ...)


Team: Crewmates

During meetings the Swapper can exchange votes that two people get (i.e. all votes that player A got will be given to player B and vice versa).
Because of the Swappers strength in meetings, he can't start emergency meetings and can't fix lights and comms.


Team: Crewmates

The Tracker can select one player in a game and tracks this player for the rest of the game. An arrow points to the last tracked position of the player. The arrow updates it's position every few seconds (configurable).


Team: Impostors

The Vampire is an impostor, that can bite other player. Bitten players die after a configurable amount of time.
If the Vampire spawn chance is greater 0 (even if there is no Vampire in the game), all players can place one garlic.
If a victim is near a garlic, the "Bite Button" turns into the default "Kill Button" and the Vampire can only perform a normal kill.

  • If a bitten player is still alive when a meeting is being called, he dies at the start of the meeting.
  • The cooldown is the same as the default kill cooldown (+ the kill delay if the Vampire bites the target).

Team: Crewmates

When the Snitch finshes all the tasks, arrows will appear (only visible to the Snitch) that point to the impostors. When the Snitch has one task left (configurable) the Snitch will be revealed to the impostors, also with an arrow.


Team: Jackal

The Jackal is part of an extra team, that tries to eliminate all the other players.
The Jackal has no tasks and can kill Impostors, Crewmates and Neutrals.
The Jackal (if allowed by the options) can select another player to be his Sidekick. Creating a Sidekick removes all tasks of the Sidekick and adds him to the team Jackal. The Sidekick loses it's one role (except if he's a Lover, then he plays in two teams). The "Create Sidekick Action" may only be used once per Jackal or once per game (depending on the options). The Jackal can also promote Impostors to be his Sidekick, but depending on the options the Impostor will either really turn into the Sidekick and leave the team Impostors or he will just look like the Sidekick to the Jackal an remain as he was.

The team Jackal enables multiple new outcomes of the game, listing some examples here:
  • The Impostors could be eliminated and then the crew plays against the team Jackal.
  • The Crew could be eliminated, then the Team Jackal fight against the Impostors (the Crew can still make a task win in this scenario)
The priority of the win conditions is the following:
  1. Jester wins by vote
  2. Team Impostor wins by sabotage
  3. Team Crew wins by tasks (also possible if the whole Crew is deacd)
  4. Lovers among the last three players win
  5. Team Jackal wins by outnumbering (When the team Jackal contains an equal or greater amount of players than the Crew and there are 0 Impostors left and team Jackal contains no Lover)
  6. Team Impostor wins by outnumbering (When the team Impostors contains an equal or greater amount of players than the Crew and there are 0 players of the team Jackal left and team Impostors contains no Lover)
  7. Team Crew wins by outnumbering (When there is no player of the team Jackal and the team Impostrs left)
  • The Jackal (and his Sidekick) may be killed by a Sheriff.
  • A Jackal cannot target the Child, while it's growing up. After that he can kill it or select it as it's Sidekick
  • The Crew can still win, even if all of their members are dead, if they finish their tasks fast enough (that's why converting the last crewmate with tasks left into a Sidekick results in a task win for the crew)
If both impostors and jackals are in the game the game continues even if all crewmates are dead. Crewmates may still win in this case by completing their tasks. Jackal and Impostor have to kill each other.


Team: Jackal

Gets assigned to a player during the game by the "Create Sidekick Action" of the Jackal and joins the Jackal in his quest to eliminate all other players.
Upon the death of the Jackal (depending on the options), he might get promoted to Jackal himself and potentially even assign a Sidekick of his own.

  • A player that converts into a Sidekick loses his previous role and tasks (if he had one), except the lover role.
  • The Sidekick may be killed by a Sheriff.
  • The Sidekick cannot target the Child, while it's growing up.

Bugs, suggestions and requests

If you found any bugs, have an idea for an idea for a new role or any other request, join the Discord server

Custom Servers

We recommend you to play on custom servers rather than on the official ones. A guide on how to set up a server will be added soon. In order to make your client able to connect to a custom server we recommend using Unify. Just add the .dll file into your Among Us/BepInEx/plugins folder and you're good to go.

Credits & Resources

Reactor - The framework used
BepInEx - Used to hook game functions
Essentials - Custom game options by DorCoMaNdO
CooldownButton - Code for the cooldown button comes from DorCoMaNdO
Among-Us-Love-Couple-Mod - Idea for the Lovers role comes from Woodi-dev
Jester - Idea for the Jester role comes from Maartii
ExtraRolesAmongUs - Idea for the Engineer and Medic role comes from NotHunter101. Also some code snippets come of the implementation were used.
Among-Us-Sheriff-Mod - Idea for the Sheriff role comes from Woodi-dev
TooManyRolesMods - Idea for the Detective and Time Master roles comes from Hardel-DW. Also some code snippets of the implementation were used.
TownOfUs - Idea for the Swapper, Shifter and a similar Mayor role come from Slushiegoose
Ottomated - Idea for the Morphling, Snitch and Camouflager role come from Ottomated


Vampire Role Tutorial by DarkGunner45 (Download File at the top of this page).

Skip to 2:57 for installation.​
SiriHack's Installation Guide: Among Us BepInEx
  • Download the Mod at the top of the page for your specific game version (v2021.3.5s).
  • Find the folder of your game, for steams players you can right click in steam, on the game, a menu will appear proposing you to go to the folders.
  • Make a copy of your game, it's not obligatory but advise, put it where you want.
  • Drag or extract the files from the zip into your game, at the .exe level.
  • Run the game (the first launch might take a while)
Not working? You might want to install the dependency vc_redist

How It should look after Installing


To uninstall​

  • Remove the files below from your Among Us Directory


  • New Role: Spy
  • Eraser: The Eraser can now also remove the role of other Impostors. This enables him to reveal the Spy, but might result in removing the special ability of his partner.
  • Camouflager: The Child age/size will now also be hidden, to allow the Child Impostor to kill during camouflage
  • Fixed a bug where camouflaged players would get stuck on ladders/platforms on the airship
  • Introduced a one second cooldown after the Morphling sampled another player
  • The Child can now always reach all usables (ladders, tasks, ...)
  • We removed a bug, where some footprints remained on the ground forever
  • We removed a bug, where the Detective didn't see the right color type when reporting a player
  • We changed the Jester win and Child lose conditions, they're not being affected by server delays anymore
  • New button art created by Bavari
  • New mod updater/installer tool created by Narua and Jolle. Check the Installation section for more details.
  • Custom options: Introduced customizable presets. Starting with 2.0.0, settings can be copied and used with higher versions (2.0.0).
  • Time Master rework: Check Time Master for more information
  • Medic: The Medic report changed, it only shows the time since death (see Detective)
  • Detective: The Detective now sees the name/color type of the killer when he reports a dead body (ability moved from the Medic to the Detective)
  • Lighter: We changed and tried to nerf the Lighter, see the Lighter section for more details.
  • Seer: As the role didn't work the way it was, we completely changed it. We're still working on the role, for now we're trying a few things. Check the Seer section to get more details about the new Seer.
  • Shifter: We reworked the Shifter, he is now part of the crew. Check out the Shifter sections for more details.
  • Hacker: The Hacker is basically the old Spy. We added the option to only show the color type instead of the color on the admin table.
  • Camouflager: Now also overrides the information of other roles, check the Camouflager section for more details.
  • Morphling: Now also overrides the information of other roles, check the Morphling section for more details
  • Child: The Child can now be a Crewmate Child or an Impostor Child, check the Child section for more details
  • Eraser: The Eraser, a new Impostor role, is now part of the mod. Check the Eraser section for more details
  • New options:
    • You can now set the maximum number of meetings in a game: Every player still only has one meeting. The Mayor can always use his meeting (even if the maximum number of meetings was reached). Impostor/Jackal meetings also count.
  • Hotfix 1.8.1 Resolves bugs that occurred when the Jackal recruited a Medic, Swapper and Tracker
  • New Roles: Added the Jackal and Sidekick roles
  • Vampire: Medic report shows the right info now. A bitten Swapper is not able to swap if he dies at the beginning of a meeting. One can now set the cooldown and whether a normal kill is possible when a target is next to a garlic or not.
  • Lover: New option that sets how often an ImpLover appears. If a Lover is exiled, his partner doesn't spawn a dead body anymore.
  • Cooldowns now stop cooling down, if a player sits inside a vent.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the game from continuing after a meeting (for an edge case with Lovers)
  • If two players try to kill each other at the same time both should die (e.g. Sheriff vs Impostor)
  • We added a description for your current role right above the task list
  • Added a description for the Role Assignment System
  • New Roles: The Vampire, the Tracker and the Snitch are now in the game
  • The role assignment system has been changed
  • Impostors now see a blue outline around all vents of the map, if the Engineer sits inside one of them
  • This update is a small hotfix, fixing the bug where some people were unable to join lobbies.
  • The child can't be voted out anymore before it turns 18, hence games can't end anymore because the child died.
  • Footprints are no longer visible to the Detective, if players are inside vents.
  • Time Master - Buff: He is not affected by his rewind anymore, which gives him more utility. Players will now be rewinded out of vents.
  • Child - Nerf: The child now grows up (see child) and becomes a normal crewmate at some point. A growing child is not killable anymore. Some tasks are still not doable for the small child, we are working on that. But eventually when growing up it can do all the tasks as it's size increases.
  • Seer - Nerf: Added an option that sets how often the Seer mistakes the player for another.
  • Spy - Nerf: The Spy now only sees the additional information when he activates his "Spy mode". That should stops the spy from camping the admin table/vitals.
  • Other: Camouflager/Morphling cooldowns were fixed. Some minor bugfixes with the Shifter/Time Master/Vents and some other stuff
Unfortunately the lobby joining problem was not fixed in this update.

  • Fixing a Camouflager/Morphling animation bug
  • Fixing a bug where the Swapper could swap votes even if he was dead
  • The custom cooldown buttons now render the cooldown progress (the grey overlay) in the right way (v1.3 introduced the bug)
  • Players in vents are not targetable anymore by the role actions, the button does not activate (e.g. Seer revealing, Morphling sample). Exception: Impostor killing an Engineer in a vent
  • Adds support for the Among Us version 2021.3.5s
  • Fixes a bug where a an edge case caused all players to start the game with the camouflaged look
  • There might be a few bugs, since I focused on getting the update out fast. A new version resolving the bugs will be published tomorrow.
  • Morphling: The color of pet now also morphs. The skin animation now starts at the right point.
  • The game over screen now shows if the Jester/Child/Lovers won.
  • A bug was removed where the Jester won together with the crewmates.
  • A bug was removed where the game of the Lovers crashed if they were the last players killed by the host of the lobby.
  • Initial Release
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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