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Original author : Eisbison

Discord: The Other Roles

*Note this only works with others who have installed the mod also, aka your friends.*​

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This mod is not affiliated with Among Us or Innersloth LLC, and the content contained therein is not endorsed or otherwise sponsored by Innersloth LLC. Portions of the materials contained herein are property of Innersloth LLC. © Innersloth LLC.​

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The Other Roles​

The The Other Roles, is a mod for Among Us which adds many new roles, new Settings and new Custom Hats to the game. Even more roles are coming soon. :)

The Role Assignment sections explains how the roles are being distributed among the players.


Among Us - VersionMod VersionLink
2021.3.31.3sv2.0.1 betaDownload
2021.3.31.3sv2.0.0 betaDownload


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Windows Auto Installation/Updating Using The AmongUsModUpdater​

This tool was made by Narua and Jolle. It automatically installs/updates the TheOtherRoles mod to the newest version, runs the game and syncs your game options automatically.

  1. Simply get the newest release of the AmongUsModUpdater
  2. Unzip the folder and run the setup.exe

If you have problems with the AmongUsModUpdater, make sure to contact us.

Windows Manual Installation​

  1. Download and unzip the newest release
  2. Find the folder of your game, for Steam players you can right click in Steam, on the game, a menu will appear proposing you to go to the folders.
  3. Make a copy of your game, it's not obligatory but advised, put it where you want.
  4. Drag or extract the files from the zip into your game, at the .exe level.
  5. Run the game (the first launch might take a while)

Not working? You might want to install the dependency vc_redist


Linux Manual

  1. Install Among Us via Steam
  2. Download newest release and extract it to ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Among Us
  3. Enable winhttp.dll via the proton winecfg (
  4. Launch the game via Steam

Custom Servers and 10+ Players​

We always recommend you to play on custom servers rather than on the official ones. If you want to play with more than 10 players in one lobby, you're required to use a custom server. Credits for the original implementation that allowed 10+ player lobbies go to the creators of the CrowdedMod.

Setup the Clients:

  1. Open the region menu where you can choose between the different regions
  2. Select the region Custom
  3. Enter the ip/domain and the port of your custom server in the corresponding text fields

Setup the Server:

  1. Get the Impostor release for the Among Us version 2021.3.31 - 2021.4.2
  2. Follow the steps (using the server release you just downloaded) on the official Impostor-Documentation
  3. Make sure to set the following values to false in the config.json file:

"AntiCheat": {
"Enabled": false,
"BanIpFromGame": false

  1. Make sure to forward the right ports on the hosting machine
  2. Run the server and setup the client

Setting up Server as Docker Container:
If you want to run the server as a docker container you'll need to use the image


(Currently only the "nightly" tag is starting a server supporting 2021.3.31 or later)

In addition to running it, the environment variables to disable the AntiCheat feature need to be set.


Example to docker run command:

docker run -p 22023:22023/udp --env IMPOSTOR_AntiCheat__Enabled=false --env IMPOSTOR_AntiCheat__BanIpFromGame=false aeonlucid/impostor:nightly

Or use to run it in the background

docker run -d -p 22023:22023/udp --env IMPOSTOR_AntiCheat__Enabled=false --env IMPOSTOR_AntiCheat__BanIpFromGame=false aeonlucid/impostor:nightly

Credits & Resources​

OxygenFilter - For all the version v2.3.0 to v2.6.1, we were using the OxygenFilter for automatic deobfuscation
Reactor - The framework used for all version before v2.0.0
BepInEx - Used to hook game functions
Essentials - Custom game options by DorCoMaNdO:

  • Before v1.6: We used the default Essentials release
  • v1.6-v1.8: We slightly changed the default Essentials. The changes can be found on this branch of our fork.
  • v2.0.0 and later: As we're not using Reactor anymore, we are using our own implementation, inspired by the one from DorCoMaNdO

Jackal and Sidekick - Original idea for the Jackal and Sidekick comes from Dhalucard
Among-Us-Love-Couple-Mod - Idea for the Lovers role comes from Woodi-dev
Jester - Idea for the Jester role comes from Maartii
ExtraRolesAmongUs - Idea for the Engineer and Medic role comes from NotHunter101. Also some code snippets come of the implementation were used.
Among-Us-Sheriff-Mod - Idea for the Sheriff role comes from Woodi-dev
TooManyRolesMods - Idea for the Detective and Time Master roles comes from Hardel-DW. Also some code snippets of the implementation were used.
TownOfUs - Idea for the Swapper, Shifter, Arsonist and a similar Mayor role come from Slushiegoose
Ottomated - Idea for the Morphling, Snitch and Camouflager role come from Ottomated
Crowded-Mod - Our implementation for 10+ player lobbies is inspired by the one from the Crowded Mod Team
Goose-Goose-Duck - Idea for the Vulture role come from Slushygoose


The mod adds a few new settings to Among Us (in addition to the role settings):

  • Streamer Mode: You can activate the streamer mode in the Among Us settings. It hides the lobby code, the custom server ip and the custom server port. You can set a custom lobby code replacement text, by changing the Streamer Mode Replacement Text in the BepInEx\config\me.eisbison.theotherroles.cfg file.
  • Number of Crewmates: The number of Crewmate roles can be set inside a lobby.
  • Number of Neutrals: The number of Neutral roles can be set inside a lobby.
  • Number of Impostors: The number of Impostor roles can be set inside a lobby.
  • Number of Modifiers: The number of Modifiers can be set inside a lobby.
  • Map: The map can be changed inside a lobby.
  • Maximum Number Of Meetings: You can set the maximum number of meetings that can be called in total (Every player still has personal maximum of buttons, but if the maximum number of meetings is reached you can't use your meetings even if you have some left. Impostor and Jackal meetings also count).
  • Allow Skips On Emergency Meetings: If set to false, there will not be a skip button in emergency meetings. If a player does not vote, they'll vote themself.
  • Hide Player Names: Hides the names of all players that have role which is unknown to you. Team Lovers/Impostors/Jackal still see the names of their teammates. Impostors can also see the name of the Spy and everyone can still see the age of the mini.
  • Allow Parallel MedBay Scans: Allows players to perform their MedBay scans at the same time.
  • Shield Last Game First Kill The first killed player of the previous round will be shielded for all players visible until the first meeting.
  • Play On A Random Map If enabled it allows you to set a rotation of all current maps, except ehT dlekS
  • Ghosts Can See Roles
  • Ghosts Can See Votes
  • Ghosts Can See The Number Of Remaining Tasks
  • The map is accessable during a meeting and will show your last location when a body gets reported/meeting gets called
  • Task Counts: You are now able to select more tasks.
  • Role Summary: When a game ends there will be a list of all players and their roles and their task progress
  • Darker/Lighter: Displays color type of each player in meetings

Task Count Limits per map​

You can configure:

  • Up to 4 common tasks
  • Up to 23 short tasks
  • Up to 15 long tasks

Please note, that if the configured option exceeds the available number of tasks of a map, the tasks will be limited to that number of tasks.
Example: If you configure 4 common tasks on Airship crewmates will only receive 2 common tasks, as airship doesn't offer more than 2 common tasks.

Common Tasks​
Short Tasks​
Long Tasks​
Skeld / Dleks
Mira HQ

Custom Hats​

Create and submit new hat designs​

We're awaiting your creative hat designs and we'll integrate all the good ones in our mod. Here are a few instructions, on how to create a custom hat:

  • Creation: A hat consists of up to three textures. The aspect ratio of the textures has to be 4:5, we recommend 300px:375px:
    • Main texture (required):
      • This is the main texture of your hat. It will usually be rendered in front of the player, if you set the behind parameter it will be rendered behind the player.
      • The name of the texture needs to follow the pattern hatname.png, but you can also set some additional parameters in the file name by adding _parametername to the file name (before the .png).
      • Parameter bounce: This parameter determines whether the hat will bounce while you're walking or not.
      • Parameter adaptive: If this parameter is set, the Among Us coloring shader will be applied (the shader that replaces some colors with the colors that your character is wearing in the game). The color red (#ff0000) will be replaced with the primary color of your player and the color blue (#0000ff) with the secondary color. Also other colors will be affected and changed, you can have a look at the texture of the Crewmate Hat to see how this feature should be used.
      • Parameter behind: If this parameter is set, the main texture will be rendered behind the player.
    • Flipped texture (optional):
      • This texture will be rendered instead of the Main texture, when facing the left.
      • The name of the texture needs to follow the pattern hatname_flip.png.
    • Back texture (optional):
      • This texture will be rendered behind the player.
      • The name of the texture needs to follow the pattern hatname_back.png.
    • Flipped Back texture (optional):
      • This texture will be rendered instead of the Back texture, when facing the left.
      • The name of the texture needs to follow the pattern hatname_back_flip.png.
    • Climb texture (optional):
      • This texture will be rendered in front of the player, when they're climbing.
      • The name of the texture needs to follow the pattern hatname_climb.png.
  • Testing: You can test your hat design by putting all the files in the \TheOtherHats\Test subfolder of your mod folder. Then whenever you start a Freeplay game, you and all the dummies will be wearing the new hat. You don't need to restart Among Us if you change the hat files, just exit and reenter the Freeplay mode.
  • Submission: If you got a hat design, you can submit it on our Discord server. We'll look at all the hats and add all the good ones to the game.


TOR Colors


Role Assignment​

We are still improving the role assignment system. It's not that intuitive right now, but it's more flexible than the older one if you're using it right.

First you need to choose how many special roles of each kind (Impostor/Neutral/Crewmate) you want in the game. The count you set will only be reached, if there are enough Crewmates/Impostors in the game and if enough roles are set to be in the game (i.e. they are set to > 0%). The roles are then being distributed as follows:

  • First all roles that are set to 100% are being assigned to arbitrary players.
  • After that each role that has 10%-90% selected adds 1-9 tickets to a ticket pool (there exists a ticket pool for Crewmates, Neutrals and Impostors). Then the roles will be selected randomly from the pools as long it's possible (until the selected number is reached, until there are no more Crewmates/Impostors or until there are no more tickets). If a role is selected from the pool, obviously all the tickets of that role are being removed.
  • The Mafia, Lovers and Mini are being selected independently (without using the ticket system) according to the spawn chance you selected. After that the Crewmate, Neutral and Impostor roles are selected and assigned in a random order.

Settings: 2 special Crewmate roles, Snitch: 100%, Hacker: 10%, Tracker: 30%
Result: Snitch is assigned, then one role out of the pool [Hacker, Tracker, Tracker, Tracker] is being selected
Note: Changing the settings to Hacker: 20%, Tracker: 60% would statistically result in the same outcome .

Source code​

It's bad I know, this is a side project and my second week of modding. So there are no best practices around here. You can use parts of the code but don't copy paste the whole thing. Make sure you give credits to the other developers, because some parts of the code are based on theirs.

Bugs, suggestions and requests​

If you found any bugs, have an idea for a new role or any other request, join our Discord server.


Thanks for fixing our typos jacktose ✌️
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