Love Couple Role

Love Couple Role v1.3 (v2021.6.15s)

Among Us Lovers

Original author : Woodi-dev

*Note this only works with others who have installed the mod also, aka your friends.*​

Adds a new win condition for two randomly chosen players.

The primary objective of the Love Couple is to stay alive together. If they are among the last 3 players they win. Each lover can win as an Impostor or Crewmate as well (secondary objective) for which reason both lovers do not know each other's role.


Lovers Tutorial by Sloppy Gaming (Download File at the top of this page).

Skip to 2:59 for installation.

SiriHack's Installation Guide: Among Us BepInEx

  • Download the Mod at the top of the page for your specific game version (v2021.3.5s).
  • Extract the contents of "" into your Among Us directory.
  • Launch the game and enjoy!
How It should look after Installing


To uninstall​

  • Remove the files below from your Among Us Directory


v1.2.0 (v2021.3.5s)
  • Added support for v2021.3.5s

Fixed a bug:
  • Love Couple was not be shown at End screen.

Fixed a bug:
  • Love Couple does not win if one player disconnects with 4 players alive.
  • Initial Release
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Love Couple Mod 1.3 (v2021.6.15s)

    Among Us Love Couple Mod v1.3 for version v2021.6.15s
  2. Love Couple Mod 1.3 (v2021.5.25.2s)

    Among Us Love Couple Mod v1.3 for version v2021.5.25.2s
  3. Love Couple Mod 1.3 (v2021.5.10s)

    Among Us Love Couple Mod v1.3 for version v2021.5.10s

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