More Roles

More Roles 1.0.0 (v2020.12.9s)

Among Us More Roles

Original author : Squarewatermelon

*Note this only works with others who have installed the mod also, aka your friends. A private server is needed to play.*​

More Roles
This is a mod that adds more roles to Among Us using Reactor. The role teams are:
C - Crewmate Role
I - Impostor Role
N - Neutral Role

Jester (N)

Version: 1.0.0

Like other mods, the Jester is their own team. Their goal is to get themselves voted out. However, generally Jesters would rather have the Crewmates win than the Impostors.


Witness (C)

Version: 1.0.0

The Witness has custom vision and is immune to the lights sabotage. You can customize the Witness vision in the pre-game settings.


Mechanic (C)

Version: 1.0.0

The Mechanic is simply a crewmate that is able to vent.


Sheriff (C)

Version: 1.0.0

The Sheriff has a kill button and their goal is to kill the Impostors. However, if they kill a Crewmate, they will die as well. Sheriff kill cooldown can be customized in the pre-game settings.


Snitch (C)

Version: 1.0.0

The Snitch must complete all their tasks, which will create arrows that point towards the Impostors (they cannot tell who the Impostors are in meetings, nor will it color their names red). However, when the Snitch has one task left, Impostors will be notified of who the Snitch is, and also get an arrow that points to the Snitch.


In order to play the mod, you will have to use a private server. I recommend the Impostor server ( You'll want to unzip the Impostor-Patcher-Cli and Impostor-Server for your operating system. You must host the server on your own computer. All players that you want to share the mod with must use the Impostor client to connect to your server.


General Tutorial here: Sloppy Gaming's Installation Tutorial
SiriHack's Installation Guide: Among Us BepInEx
  • Download the Mod at the top of the page for your specific game version (v2020.12.9s).
  • Extract the contents of "More Roles 1.0.0.rar" into your Among Us directory.
  • Launch the game and enjoy!
How It should look after Installing


To uninstall​

  • Remove the files below from your Among Us Directory


  • Initial Release
First release
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Latest reviews

Very good modpack with a snitch role too !
But using a vent as a mechanic get thez player banned actually just to let you know (and at the end you need to start a new lobby)
Wow a snitch that works! I never saw it anywhere before this pack! Thank you very much!