The Other Roles

The Other Roles v4.1.5


  • Updated to Among Us v2021.6.30
  • Updated BepInEx version.
  • Fixed some Colors being considered darker, when they should be lighter
  • Hopefully fixed hats to load
  • Hopefully fixed Eject Softlock, when ejected player leaves.
  • Added /size command for Lobby
  • Added /color and /murder command to Freeplay (for the Hat Designers)
  • Some internal restructuring
  • Fixed a bug where swapped votes were sometimes counted wrongly
  • Fixed the positioning of the player name while morphed
  • Fixed a bug where the window of the Guesser sometimes showed no "close button"
  • Fixed a bug where the garlics were not displayed properly
  • New Role: Bounty Hunter created by Mallöris
  • Added more new colors (Thanks to Drakoni for sorting them)
  • Added a setting to the Shifter, that will prevent Medic Shield & Lover Roles to be shifted
  • Changed Jackal & Sidekick to always be killable by Sheriff
  • Changed Jackal & Sidekick to not be erasable anymore
  • Changed Role Assignment slightly to make chances more consistent
  • Fixed a bug where votes would still count after the Guesser or it's target died
  • Fixed a bug where a lover partner would not be shown as dead when killed by the Guesser
  • Fixed a bug on the Airship, where the Jester win was not triggered in some cases
  • New Role: Guesser
  • Changed the colors of some roles
  • Changed name of Child to Mini
  • Changed Version check to allow to check for modified versions of the mod. (Forks don't need to use different versioning now)
  • Changed Role Assignment to make Spy incompatible with Mini (former child)
  • Fixed a bug where a Jester win was triggered, when the partner of a Jester Lover was voted out
  • Fixed a bug where a Mini lose was triggered, when the partner of a Crew Mini Lover was voted out
  • Added the ability to increase the number of tasks assigned to crewmates
  • New option: A role summary in the end screen (Client option)
  • Spy: New option for spy to have the same vision as impostors
  • Spy: New option for spy to be able to jump into vents (but he can't move between them)
  • Fixed a bug causing a crewmate task win when lovers were in the game even when not all crewmates had completed all their tasks
  • Restored the original Among Us color for crewmates in the intro cutscene
  • Lovers: You can now select that Lovers may have a second role (could be a Crewmate, Neutral or Impostor role)
  • Seer: Fixed souls and flash sometimes not being visible (Thanks to orangeNKeks)
  • New option: Swapper can only swap others
  • New option: Ghosts can see votes
  • New option: Jackal and Sidekick have Impostor vision
  • New option: Jester can sabotage
  • Changed FreePlay mode to not assign custom roles anymore
  • Fixed a bug with directional hats not using their flip image after a while
If you have any questions, Eisbison is currently live on Twitch
Version 2.6.3

  • Changed the role limits options to allow for minimum and maximum bounds
  • Changed the role assignment to be more random when assigning roles (previously assigned the neutral roles before assigning the crewmate roles)
  • Added new flip option to Custom Hats
Version 2.6.2

  • The Other Roles now supports the new Among Us version 2021.5.10s
  • Added a chat command to kick players as the host of a lobby (/kick playerName)
  • Fixed a bug where the Sheriff was unable to kill the Arsonist
  • Fixed a bug in the role assignment system
  • Added the option to select the Dleks map
  • Improved the overlay of the Arsonist
Version 2.5.1

  • New Hats: We added the support for custom hats and there are already a few hats inside the game. We can add new hats without updating the mod and we're awaiting your hat designs on our discord server.
  • Changed Lovers to ignore Lover's Tasks for Taskwin, while an ImpLover is alive
  • Fixed a bug where garlic was not visible in some places
  • The Security Guard can't place cameras on MiraHQ anymore
  • Fixed a bug on there Airship, where the view of the cameras that the Security Guard placed wasn't centered on the camera.
Version 2.1.0
  • New Role: Spy
  • Eraser: The Eraser can now also remove the role of other Impostors. This enables him to reveal the Spy, but might result in removing the special ability of his partner.
  • Camouflager: The Child age/size will now also be hidden, to allow the Child Impostor to kill during camouflage
Hotfix 2.0.1
  • Fixed a bug where camouflaged players would get stuck on ladders/platforms on the airship
  • Introduced a one second cooldown after the Morphling sampled another player
  • The Child can now always reach all usables (ladders, tasks, ...)
  • We removed a bug, where some footprints remained on the ground forever
  • We removed a bug, where the Detective didn't see the right color type when reporting a player
  • We changed the Jester win and Child lose conditions, they're not being affected by server delays anymore
Changes in 2.0.0
  • New button art created by Bavari
  • New mod updater/installer tool created by Narua and Jolle. Check the Installation section for more details.
  • Custom options: Introduced customizable presets. Starting with 2.0.0, settings can be copied and used with higher versions (2.0.0).
  • Time Master rework: Check Time Master for more information
  • Medic: The Medic report changed, it only shows the time since death (see Detective)
  • Detective: The Detective now sees the name/color type of the killer when he reports a dead body (ability moved from the Medic to the Detective)
  • Lighter: We changed and tried to nerf the Lighter, see the Lighter section for more details.
  • Seer: As the role didn't work the way it was, we completely changed it. We're still working on the role, for now we're trying a few things. Check the Seer section to get more details about the new Seer.
  • Shifter: We reworked the Shifter, he is now part of the crew. Check out the Shifter sections for more details.
  • Hacker: The Hacker is basically the old Spy. We added the option to only show the color type instead of the color on the admin table.
  • Camouflager: Now also overrides the information of other roles, check the Camouflager section for more details.
  • Morphling: Now also overrides the information of other roles, check the Morphling section for more details
  • Child: The Child can now be a Crewmate Child or an Impostor Child, check the Child section for more details
  • Eraser: The Eraser, a new Impostor role, is now part of the mod. Check the Eraser section for more details
  • New options:
    • You can now set the maximum number of meetings in a game: Every player still only has one meeting. The Mayor can always use his meeting (even if the maximum number of meetings was reached). Impostor/Jackal meetings also count.