Mod Manager

Software Mod Manager 5.3.4

This update is here to move Challenger install, update and management to Steam
This update is here to provide a few changes for the support system, Challenger mod & local mods.

Detailed changes:

  • Challenger & Challenger Beta was impossible to update. It's now fixed
  • Major internal changes for support system.
  • New Support Id that you can copy in settings to get even more support on this discord server.
  • Local mods were no longer working since a few updates. They are now back again.
Another update may arrive soon to update the way Challenger & Challenger Beta are distributed through Mod Manager 👀
This update is here to provide access to the Challenger 5 open beta & add support for GLMod dependency.

Detailed changes:

  • GLMod is available in MM (see below for information). It will be deployed after some tests to updated mods like ToU-R and ToR. It will be available with no action on your side.
  • Challenger 5 Beta is up, using at the same time GLMod.
  • New option in settings allowing to use multiple Among Us instances at the same time.
❓ What is GLMod ?

GLMod (aka Good Loss Mod) is a mod that allows you to have an game history of your games on You will be able to see many information such as who killed who, who won, when, etc ...

It's only available for Steam users. To use it, just create an account on using Steam (or link your Steam account at if you already have a Good Loss account).
After that, just play any mod supporting it. For now, only Challenger Beta does but other popular mods will be added soon (I'll make an announce)
This update reworks entirely the dependencies system. It will allow to combine specific mods in the future.
For example, submerged for mod not including it natively or the Goodloss Mod to collect game stats.
Hotfix for latest version
This update is here to provides changes for the installer & a global graphical rework to follow Good Loss graphic chart.

Detailed changes:

  • New icons for mods, servers, credits & settings.
  • All little icons have been changed to follow heroicons design, also used on Good Loss.
  • News, Faq & Account have been moved as icons on the bottom left of the app.
  • The updater now have its own design, also following Good Loss graphic chart.
  • Users with local mods that didn't start Mod Manager for a long time were not able to start the app. It's no longer the case.
  • Various minor changes.
This update is here to upgrade Mod Manager to dotnet 6 and improve even more how it works with Epic Games Store.

Detailed changes:

  • Mod Manager now requires Dotnet 6.0.7 or higher. The installer automatically does its installation.
  • New information label to explain why some mods are missing for Epic users.
  • Now, Mod Manager allows the user to use Steam version of the game even if it's badly installed. It was necessary to reinstall Among Us before. Not anymore.
  • More information in logs to help solve easily tickets.
  • Various fix.
This update is mainly here to adjust how Mod Manager works with Steam and Epic Games Store.

Detailed changes:

  • If Among Us is not installed through Steam, you can no longer select it as launcher.
  • New option in settings to choose your Among Us folder between all detected and stored folders.
  • New option to add manually an Among Us folder in settings.
  • Various optimisations.
This update is mainly here to provide support for Epic Games Store again but also adds a few other changes.

Detailed changes:

  • Mod Manager allows to mod Epic Games Store again (and also Windows Store). But, you will only be able to play mods available for current version of the game. As well, you will have to start vanilla Among Us through Mod Manager.
  • Better Crewlink can now be uninstalled.
  • Visual changes for settings
  • New option to disable automatic minimisation
  • New option to choose your launcher (Steam, EGS, ...)
  • Various fix
This update is mainly here to rework the compatibility system but also provides some other new stuff.

Now, everyone will be able to play any mod, even outdated ones.
Some older mods like for example the Harry Potter mod or the Thanos mod may make their comeback soon thanks to this functionality ?

Other changes:

  • Icons have been reorganised. The entire link is no longer visible. Instead, there is an "i" icon allowing you to access the same page.
  • For each mod with an official discord server, it's now possible to join it directly through Mod Manager.
  • Some icons have been replaced (discord, favourite, ...).
  • Many fix for some visual or minor bugs.