Mod Manager

Software Mod Manager 4.0.13

  • Direct install for
  • Various fix
This version is mainly here to provide access to directly from Mod Manager.
Check out their insane work on

Detailed changes:

  • Now All In One mods are on top with two new mods: & Better Crewlink (it's no longer apart).
  • Categories has been reworked and it's no longer possible to use more that one "General" or "Maps" mod.
  • Server status & Game version supported are now shown on the bottom right.
  • Internal changes for local mods. As a consequence, you may need to reinstall your locals mods again.
  • Internal improvements for search algorithm. The UI may be a bit faster now.
  • Many other internal changes
Bugs fixed:

  • The bottom of Mod Manager was not available for low resolution screens. It's no longer the case.
  • On server side, if a mod is removed, Mod Manager will no longer break.
  • The UI can no longer be bigger that the screen size.
  • Tooltips will now disapppear after 5 seconds maximum.
  • Other minor fixes.
This version includes mainly quality of life changes.

Detailed changes:

- New roll/unroll functionality for categories. If for example you never uses custom maps, you can hide them to see easily other categories.

- New sort system. You can now sort mods by "installed", "name", "version" or "author".

- Default servers installed when pressing "Reset to default" in servers page have changed. There are "", "challenger" and "" now.

Bugs fixed:

- An issue with the install process of Better Crewlink has been fixed. You can now install Better Crewlink directly from Mod Manager again if it's not already installed.

- An issue linked to file access has been solved. It used to disable the update function.

- Other minor fixes.
This update is mainly here to add a new functionality : shortcuts !

Now, you have a little button on the left of "Start game" that allows you to save the current mod configuration as a shortcut.
Once clicked, a shortcut will appear on your desktop. Clicking on this shortcut will start Mod Manager and automatically reinstall the same configuration, without even seing the interface.

Tips : You can also make a shortcut without any mod to easily go back to vanilla Among Us

But there are also a few more changes :
- New tooltips on different areas of Mod Manager to increase readability.
- New option in settings to choose how you wanna start Among Us from Mod Manager. Only "Direct link" and "Steam" are available for now but I'm working on adding "Epic Games Store" and "Windows Store" asap. For now, you can use "Direct link" for those.
- Many "modifiers" mods have been added again to Mod Manager.

Enjoy !
This version includes many changes.

Many changes around mods :

- Many internal changes have been made to the install process. Now, mods including settings presets or any kind of custom content will be managed better.
Any data is saved and restored when installing and restoring mods
- Tools page has been removed.
- Better Crewlink is now available on the main screen. It will launch when you click on it, after maybe installing it if it is not installed already.
- There is a third type of mods now. "All in one" mods has joined "General" and "Local" mods. You can update these kinds of mods and launch them from Mod Manager but you cannot combine them with other mods.
- Mod categories have been reorganised. Now, there are, in this order :
-> General (Town of Us, The Other Roles, etc ...).
-> Modifiers (Unify, Crowded, etc ...). No one available yet.
-> All in one (Challenger, and soon
-> Maps. No one available yet but Level Impostor will be updated next week so ...
-> Local mods.

Many visual changes :

- Changes for lower resolutions to fix fonts overflow.
- New visuals when you click on mods to enable or disable them.
- New Roadmap button on top right. You can see Mod Manager activity/development boards from Trello now ! This replaces Incoming features and known bugs.
- New picture of Better Crewlink is now updated in Mod Manager
Hotfix for last version. Low screen size user will be able to use Mod Manager again.

Also, there are a lot more resolutions available in settings and each resolution should size text a bit better.
This version is mainly here to provide multiple fix for several pages.

Detailed changes:

- The IP address used for custom servers has been reworked and will now work in Among Us.
- Mod Manager will no longer change the current region used in Among Us.
- It is no longer possible to choose a resolution that is too big for your computer.
- A slight change has been made to both "News" and "Info" sections that will result in showing their content better.

Enjoy !
This version is mainly here to allow Mod Manager to install mods for the Epic Games Store version of Among Us but also provides a few other changes.

Detailed changes:
  • Support for Epic Games Store version of Among Us. Note that some mods are still not compatible with EGS (like Town of Us for example).
  • Full management of servers. You can add, edit and remove custom ones now.
  • Resolution system has been fixed and resolutions are now correctly saved.
  • More resolutions !
  • Automatic detection of the best resolution for new users.
  • Texts fonts are now changed to better match the current resolution.
  • Mod Manager will no longer be stucked after the loading screen.
In this version, I wanted to include the installation of .net 5 for people who doesn't already have it (almost anyone who never used Mod Manager before).
Even if this is done on my side, the download of this new installer is for now recognised as a virus, even if it's not...
Until this is solved, I let the old installer and new users will have to install .net 5 separately.
The updater was broken in previous versions so please, install this version directly.

- New cache system (for people with low connection you know 😉 )
- Few changes around Mod install process. Now, Town of Impostors will be fully installed again !
- New resolution settings. New resolutions will come in future updates.
- You can now edit and remove local mods
- New page for servers. You can't edit them for now but it will be possible in next versions
- Logs file is now removed when it's too big
- Some fix around the issue "Mod Manager not starting or stuck". More logs are recorded too.
- Various fix
Few fix for last version
  • The automatic updater still needed admin privileges. It will be no longer the case. To pass this update, you will need to launch Mod Manager as admin tho.
  • Changes for Among Us folder detection
  • Link to github for each mod author
  • Fix tools. It was impossible to change path after it got changed
  • Fix save and start option. The game was launched before mods were applied