Mod Manager

Software Mod Manager 2022-03-25

This version is here to fix a few bugs.

Detailed changes:

  • Account system reworked and fixed to follow API changes
  • Automated data update has been removed due to performances issues. A new system will replace it in a near future.
This version is mainly here to provide a few little changes.

Detailed changes:

  • Mod Manager can still work is a mod release has multiple zip files. (Hi ToU-R)
  • Local mods can no longer use remote dependencies to make it easier to setup. Just upload your zip file with BepInEx and Reactor if needed.
  • A few text and translations has been added, in particular when your launch a mod or a vanilla game.
  • Now, mod config files are stored by default for any mod during updates. Before, it was added manually if needed.
  • A few changes for the server API to prepare Challenger mod Ranked System. More info on Challenger mod at this link:
This version is mainly here to improve the stability of Mod Manager.

Detailed changes:

  • Mod Manager has been optimised to use less RAM and space on disk. In particular, pictures has been resized. As well, some memory leaks have been fixed.
  • Now, you see exactly the percentage of download when you install a mod. Slow connections will like this feature ?
  • Some translations were missing and are added with this version.
Bugs fixed:

  • Mods shortcuts pictures were sometimes bugged. It's no longer the case.
  • Challenger Beta didn't update correctly. Fixed.
  • Challenger & Challenger Beta settings were removed after an update. Now, it will stay.
This version is here to fix a few bugs.

Detailed changes:

  • Servers category was affected by a visual bug. Solved.
  • Dotnet runtime was installed for x32 instead of x64 for x64 computers during the installation. Now, it's correctly installed.
  • The Among Us folder was incorrect in some cases. Now, it should be the correct one again. Please, use the reset button in settings if mods don't work for you

What's new ?​

First, there is no longer need to install dotnet 5 now. It's installed or updated automatically if needed See ?install-mod-manager.

Changes for mods

  • The modding process have been reworked. Now, you'll no longer be able to combine mods as it doesn't really make sense anymore. Custom maps are not working since a while now and really good utility mods like Unify or CustomKeyBinds are already part of the game or included in Mod Manager. To use a mod, you only need to press the download button and then launch it !
  • As a consequence of the previous point, you'll need to start Among Us by using the "Start Vanilla Among Us" button to start the vanilla game. It's replacing the "Uninstall all mods" button that previously existed.
  • After a game update, mods will continue to work now.
  • You can create a shortcut using the button. With it, you can start the mod without starting Mod Manager when it's closed. Note that two shortcuts will be created on your desktop for Challenger & Better Crewlink the first time you install Mod Manager 5.
  • Also, mods have been reorganised.
Changes for the interface

  • Mod Manager is fully responsive now and can be resized easily to fit your screen size.
  • You can do actions inside the app when Mod Manager is installing a mod. Any operation of Mod Manager is visible in the bottom bar where you can also start Vanilla Among Us.
  • In Settings, there are 4 visual themes that you can choose. There will be more in the future. On your side, you can create your own local one and eventually share it on discord . More information on how to make themes below.
  • Mod Manager allows translations. There are French & Spanish for now but more will be added in the future. If you want to send a translation for a language, please take a look at the "Account" section below.
  • Last, if there is any problem with Mod Manager at any point, you can just use the reset button in settings.

How to create/send a theme​

  • Open Mod Manager 5 at least once
  • Press Windows + R
  • Enter %APPDATA%/ModManager
  • Go to themes
  • Choose a default theme file and copy/paste/rename it.
Inside the file created, change the value for "name" according to the theme name you want to give. Then, edit colors, sizes, etc ... as you want.
Once it's done, just start Mod Manager 5, go to settings and choose your theme. Tadaaaaa !

You can send it on discord and if your theme is good enough, it will be added publicly

The new account system​

There is a new section inside Mod Manager to login or register on An account on allows you to have access to many features :

  • If you're a modder, you'll be able to see & edit your mods (not available yet)
  • If you're a moderator, you'll see a section to edit translations. For people not moderators here, please DM me if you want to add a translation for a specific language instead.
  • If you're playing on or challenger Impostors servers, many stats will be available inside Mod Manager (and also a ranking, especially for Challenger, very soon)
  • Other features may come in the future for accounts

What's still in Mod Manager​

  • Local mods.
  • Custom servers.
  • News & FAQ sections. FAQ will be updated and populated in the next few days.
  • Alternatively to the process explained on discord, you can access the log file in settings inside Mod Manager.
  • Icons for Mod Manager's github, roadmap & discord server.

What has been removed ?​

  • The code system. It's no longer possible to combine mods so it doesn't make sense anymore.
  • The window size settings. You can now resize Mod Manager and it will be saved for the next time you open it.
  • The Among Us folder is can no longer be changed if Mod Manager detects one from Steam or EGS. And you can no longer change it once it's setup. Use the reset button if you uninstall it for any reason.
  • New legacy mode in settings. Once enabled, mods for older versions of the game will be visible again. It's mainly to allow people to mod older versions of the game, in particular just after there is a new version of Among Us published. By default, it's disabled.
  • Settings page look has changed a bit. It will received a bigger visual rework in the near future.
  • Other internal changes & bug fix.
This version is mainly here to provide a new refresh system and fix a few things of last update.

/!\ If Mod Manager is running in background, it will not receive the update ! Please, restart it to process the update ! /!\

Defailed changes:

  • Now, the updater will run in background to check if there is another update for Mod Manager. You no longer need to restart it yourself.
  • New data refresher that will automatically update mods, categories, etc ... every 5 minutes if needed. You no longer need to restart Mod Manager.
  • Mods compatibility are now affected to mods instead of categories. As a consequence, you can no longer use Town of Us or The Other Roles mods with something else than "Modifiers" and "Maps". You can still combine Town of Us and Town of Us R for now unfortunately even if it will not work correctly.
  • The back button now redirects to settings in Among Us path selection page.
  • Many other minor changes
Bugs fixed:

  • Settings are now correctly opened when clicking on Settings in context menu.
  • It's no longer possible to use context menu if Mod Manager server is temporary disabled.
This version turns Mod Manager into a launcher that can stay in background and start Among Us & mods.

Detailed changes:

  • New icon in Windows taskbar when Mod Manager is open. You can right click on it to see a whole new menu that can start Mod Manager, vanilla Among Us and modded Among Us (if mods are currently installed). Also, all in one mods can be launched here directly.
  • A rare bug have been solved. It was not possible to leave Mod Manager in this scenario and the Among Us path was continuously asked.
  • Other minor changes.
This version provides support for Epic Games Store.

Detailed changes:

  • New icons to show if a mod is available on Steam and/or EGS. For now, all of them are set to "compatible" with EGS but more tests will be done soon to see which mod is not available on it.
  • New way to launch Among Us in settings: "Epic Games Store". You can now start it directly from Mod Manager.
Various bugs fixes:

  • Custom hats are now correctly shown in Town of Us & related mods (R, JP, etc ...).
  • The Other Hats (Official custom hats for The Other Roles) are now available for installation through Mod Manager in modifiers section. Because it's a folder where you can put your own custom hats, it will not be removed if you uninstall the mod.