Better AirShip

Better AirShip V1.0

Better AirShip Mods - Hardel / Evan

The "Better AirShip" is a mod for Among Us, which adds more customization to the Among Us map.
This mod makes the AirShip map more customizable and playable by fixing all the problems it has.


Download the zip on AmodUs.
Note: No private server is required, You can play on the official servers.
  1. Find the folder of your game, for steams players you can right click in steam, on the game, a menu will appear proposing you to go to the folders.
  2. Make a copy of your game, it's not obligatory but advise, put it where you want, I advise you to put it in the common folder of steam.
  3. Drag or extract the files from the zip into your game, at the .exe level.
  4. Turn on the game..
  5. Play the game.

Games Options :​

NameDescription Type Default
Type of SpawnDefined, the mode of appearanceNormal / Fixed / RandomNormal
Add new spawnAllows to define if the new appearance places are addedOn / OffOff
Choose spawn after meetingAllows to tell, if the appearance interface appears after a meetingOn / OffOff
Min time for door swipe Defines the minimum time to pass the cardSeconds0.4 second

More Spawn Point :​

From us point of appearance on AirShip, which allow more flexibility.
A total of 2 new appearance points have arrived.
With custom animations, and sound design in the future.


Meeting Respawn​

A new option allows you to define whether the appearance menu appears after a meeting.
In case it is deactivated, the players appear around the meeting table.

Synchronization of spawn locations :​

NormalNothing changes in the basic operation of the game.
FixedThe spawn points will always the same for all games: Kitchen, Main Hall and Cargo Bay, If the custom spanw point are activated Kitchen will be replaced by Cockpit
SynchroAll players will have the same spawn.

Door :​

A game option has been added for the minimum time to pass the card on the AirShip doors.
As the game does not have a maximum time to pass the map, no game options are associated with the maximum time.


Can you play Proximity Chat (Crewlink) with it?
Yes, Crewlink supports Among Us Modifications

Can you get banned for playing on public Servers?
At the current state of the game there is no perma ban system for the game. The mod is designed in a way, that it does not send prohibited server requests. You are also able to join your own custom server to be safe [(Impostor)](

Do my friends need to install the mod to play it together?
Yes. Every player in the lobby must have the mod installed.

Bugs/Feature suggestions​

If you'd like to contact me about anything else:
Discord: Hardel#7401
Discord Server:

If you need to contact me, to request additional functionality, or make bug or change requests.
Come on this discord server [Discord](, or create a ticker on Github.

Resources​ The framework the mod uses. For hooking game functions. For creating custom game options easily.


This software is distributed under the GNU GPLv3 License. BepinEx is distributed under LGPL-2.1 License.
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Latest reviews

I love the idea of making Airship better. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to play both "TheOtherRoles" mod and this one. If it would be possible to know how to easily mix them together, it would be awesome! Can you guide us on how to do it please?