ImpoLobbyCommands v1.1.0

Original Author: maudinot

The plugin adds commands in the lobby to configure the game. Includes a hide&seek gamemode (/gamemode hns).

/mapSkeld, MiraHQ, Polus
/impostors1, 2, 3
/gamemodestandard, hns
/colorred, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, brown, cyan, lime
/hatnohat, astronaut, baseballcap, brainslug, bushhat, captainshat, doubletophat, flowerpot, goggles, hardhat, military, paperhat, partyhat, police, stethescope, tophat, towelwizard, ushanka, viking, wallcap, snowman, reindeer, lights, santa, tree, present, candycanes, elfhat, newyears2018, whitehat, crown, eyebrows, halohat, herocap, pipcap, plungerhat, scubahat, stickminhat, strawhat, tengallonhat, thirdeyehat, toiletpaperhat, toppat, fedora, goggles2, headphones, maskhat, papermask, security, straphat, banana, beanie, bear, cheese, cherry, egg, fedora2, flamingo, flowerpin, helmet, plant, bateyes, batwings, horns, mohawk, pumpkin, scarybag, witch, wolf, pirate, plague, machete, fred, minercap, winterhat, archae, antenna, balloon, birdnest, blackbelt, caution, chef, cophat, dorag, dumsticker, fez, generalhat, greything, huntercap, junglehat, minicrewmate, ninjamask, ramhorns, snowman2
/skinnone, astro, capt, mech, military, police, science, suitb, suitw, wall, hazmat, security, tarmac, miner, winter, archae
/petnopet, alien, crewmate, doggy, stickmin, hamster, robot, ufo, ellie, squig, bedcrab, glitch
More content to come


If you do not already have installed an Impostor server, see this

  1. Download ImpoLobbyCommands.dll from the latest release
  2. Drop ImpoLobbyCommands.dll into the plugin folder of your Impostor server
  3. Restart the server
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