Better CrewLink

Software Better CrewLink 2.3.6

Original Creator: OhMyGuus

A game voice communicator giving the new experience!

Works on Steam as of v2020.12.9s.

This project implements proximity voice chat in Among Us. Everyone in an Among Us lobby with this program running will be able to communicate over voice in-game, with no third-party programs required. Spatial audio ensures that you can only hear people close to you.

Extra features:

- Volume sliders
- It doesn't break when someone leaves/disconnects
- It works on any network even with upnp disabled (Strict NAT)
- More fun settings like hearing through cameras
- You can actually disable the overlay
- 32bit support, windows 7 support
- U can change the volume of alive players after u died.
- U can set bettercrewlink to topmost
- Settings actually sync between players and not half.
- CPU usage is lower than original Crewlink.
- U can actually press the mute key/deafen key while clicked on Bettercrewlink
- Your mouse doesn't start to lagg because of the buggy input hook.
- Changing the speaker setting does actually something unlike original crewlink where it is always using the default output.
- compatible with Crewlink 2.0
- Microphone echo cancellation
- Microphone noise suppression.
- more overlay positions and you can set the overlay to the top/bottom and you can set it so it shows everyone even when they aren't talking
- You can set the lobby up so only death people can talk (normal lobbies but then with death talk)

- Support for mobile (BETA)

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