Replay in window

Software Replay in window v1.3.2

Oryginal author : sawa90

working on version v2021.3.5s

This project add a simple replay feature to Among Us. The replay will appear in the game window when you return to the lobby after the game. In the replay, you can see everyone's location, who killed them and when, the progress of the task, voting result, if they are in the vent, and sabotage.


  • Who killed a crew is determined by the imposter who was closest to the crew, so it is possible to make a mistake.
  • The winner may be displayed incorrectly when the game is decided by disconnect.
  • The map and icon images can be replaced by saving them in the map and icon folders under the same name. For map images, please make sure that the position of the map and the aspect ratio of the image match the original file.
  • If it doesn't work, please report an error. I would appreciate it if you could download the version with "withConsole" from latest release and post the output of the console window. If you don't see any errors in the output, please feel free to let me know.
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