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Among Us Challenger Mod

Github : Lunastellia

Twitch (Fr) : Lunastellia

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*Note this only works with others who have installed the mod also, aka your friends, and you neet to use Private Server (Challenger or Matux Server) Use Oriana Launcher for Install, Update and Play !​

Challenger Mod
This is a mod that adds new roles and a feature to Among Us.

Roles !



The sheriff can kill the impostors, Jester, Eater, Sorcerer, Mercenary, Cultist and the member of the culte. If he tries to kill a crewmate or any player protected by a shield, he will die. (you can add 1,2 or 3 sheriff max in game)

Settings :

> Kill Cooldown : 10s ~ 60s

> Kill Range : "Short" / "Short+" / "Normal" / "Normal+" / "Long" / "Long+"
(Short+ / Normal+ / Long+ = If enabled, The Sheriff has priority vs Impostor for kill)

> Can Kill Cultes Members : Yes / No
(The sheriff can kill the cultist all the time, but if a crewmate was converted, can the sheriff kill him?)


The guardian can protect one player of his choice with a shield once in the game, the player protected can’t be killed.

Settings :

> Shield settings : "Protected" / "Reflect"
(If "Reflect", Mercenray or Assassin will die if try to kill.)

> Protected Player Can See Shield : Yes / No


The engineer can use the vents just like the impostors and he can also fix one sabotage per game (or more) from anywhere thanks to the buttom repair.

Settings :

> Can use vent : Yes / No

> Repair cooldown : 10s ~ 60s

> Repair settings : "Single" / "Round"
(If "Single", Engineer can repair only one time par game, if "Round" Ability can use 1 per round.)


The timelord can stop time, all immobilized players can’t see anything and can’t move. Also the impostor’s cooldown is stopped. Only the timelord is active during this phase!

Settings :

> Break Time Cooldown : 10s ~ 180s

> Break Time Duration : 1s ~ 20s


The Hunter can use 1 ability 1 time at the game : "Tracking" if the Hunter die (meeting exile or Kill in game) The Tracking target die too !


The mystic cannot be killed during the first turn of the game (unless a Hunter tracks him and dies or die with love). After the first meeting, he gains a personal shield that he can activate to temporarily protect himself

Settings :

> Protect Cooldown : 10s ~ 180s

> Protect Duration : 1s ~ 20s


The Spirit cannot die during a meeting, unless there are 3 players left alive, And he can use door sabotage only when he die.

Settings :

> Can use Door sabotage : "Disable" - "Enable" - "Ghost Only"
(If Ghost only, The spirit can use only after die)


During meetings, your votes count double. When your tasks are finished (or everytime), you can launch a bonus emergency meeting.

Settings :

> Bonus Buzz : "Disable" - "Enable" - "TaskEnd"
(If TaskEnd, Mayor need to finish task before use.)

> Bonus Buzz Cooldown : 5s ~ 60s


The Detective can use one ability to see temporarily other players' footprints !

Settings :

> Investigate Cooldown : 10s ~ 60s

> Investigate Duration : 5s ~ 30s

> Footprint Duration : 1s ~ 30s

> Footprint Anonymous: Yes / No
(If "yes", footprint was grey color.)


The Nightwatch has an ability that allows it to temporarily improve its vision in order to see at a better range and to see in the dark if a light-sabotage is active.

Settings :

> Light Cooldown : 10s ~ 180s

> Light Duration : 1s ~ 20s


The Spy can once per turn use his ability which gives him a vaster vision of those around him, he can see through obstacles but will not be able to move the time of the effect. The Spy can use this ability during a Time Break.

Settings :

> Spy Duration : 1s ~ 20s


Informant him has the ability to know the side of another player (good or Bad)... this ability is acquired only when all these tasks are finished. Be careful : When the informant unlocks his capacity, the impostors will know his identity !

Settings :

> Analyz Cooldown : 5s ~ 60s

> Analyz settings : "Single" / "Round" / "Cooldown"
(If "Single", Informant can Check one time par game, if "Round" Ability can use 1 per round. if "cooldown" Unlimited check.)


When the bait is killed, the killer signals the body after a set time.

Settings :

> Can use vent : Yes / No

> Reporting Time : 1s ~ 15s


Mentalist can see players Color votes during meeting and he can see tempoary (during 1 round, once per game) players colors with admin table !
Settings :

> Can use Admin Color : Yes / No

> Can use Vote Color : Yes / No


The Builder has the ability to lock a vent during the game, the selected vent will be locked after a meeting.

Settings :

> Block vent only 1 per round : Yes / No
(if "yes" Ability can une only one time per round.)

> Block Vent max Use : "x1" / "x2" / "x3"

> Block Vent Cooldown : 10s ~ 60s


When the dictator is alive and his ability is active, everyone is forced to vote, no "skip" will be possible and if a player does not vote he will vote himself !

Settings :

> Ability Settings : "Passif" / "Single" / "Round"
(if "Passif" the ability is active as long as the dictator is alive, if "Single" he can use it only once during the game, if "Round" he can choose to use it or not each turn.)

> Disable at first round : Yes / No


The Sentiel can scan the map to look for information: If a player is in a wind or if a player was killed... the Sentinel's information is limited to true/false, no indication of the player's identity will be given.

Settings :

> Scan Cooldown : 10s ~ 180s

> Scan Duration : 1s ~ 20s

> Scan In vent player : Yes / No

> Scan Dead Player : Yes / No

Teammate (x2)

The teammate is a role that will be assigned to 2 players! the 2 players know each other and know that they are Teammate



(Team : Crewmate/Impostor) - The mercenary starts the game as a crewmate, however he has the possibility to kill, in the first game turn his cooldown is doubled, if the mercenary decides to kill someone these tasks will be deleted and he will become an impostor, however he will not be able to not use the wind, but he can use the sabotage

Settings :

> Kill Cooldown : 10s ~ 60s


(Team : Crewmate/Impostor) - The CopyCat starts the game as a crewmate, he can choose a player and when he dies the copycat will copy his role (it is possible to copy an impostor or not depending on the settings and therefore play his role as a crewmate only )

Settings :

> Copy impostor Effect : "Player Die" / "Impostor" / "Sheriff" / "Crewmate"
(If "Player Die" Copycat Die, else, he will become the chosen role.)

> Copy Special/Hybrid Effect : "Player Die" / "Sheriff" / "Crewmate"
(If "Player Die" Copycat Die, else, he will become the chosen role.)


(Team : Crewmate/Impostor) - The survivor wins the game with the crewmates or the impostors on the sole condition that he stays alive !



(Team : Jester) - The jester doesn’t have any tasks. The only way the jester wins is if he gets voted during a meeting by the other players.

Settings :

> FakeKill Cooldown : 10s ~ 180s
(Just a cooldown for Troll Soundboard in game)


(Team : Cupid) - The Cupid as the ability to make love with 2 players! he must imperatively choose the lovers before the first meeting. If one of the two lovers dies the other dies too (or not). lovers win the game with Cupid + the winning side if they are still alive at the end of the game. If the lovers are dead, they can win with their normal win, but Cupid will lose the game. Cupid doesn`t have to be alive to win!

Settings :

> Both Lovers die : Yes / No
(if "Yes" the lovers die when 1 lover has killed.)


(Team : Eater)

(Team : Eater) - The eater must devour a certain number of corpses to win the game, the eaten bodies can no longer be carried over! If the eater manages to eat enough corpse, he wins the game alone and ends the game in court. the other players lose the game ! The can (or can`t) Use Vent and Drag a body. The Eater has a gauge that gradually fills up when approaching a dead person, this ability like a long range asses.

Settings :

> Digestion cooldown : 10s ~ 60s

> Cooldown for Eat body : 1s ~ 20s

> Body Eat for Win : "x1" / "x2" / "x3" / "x4" / "x5" /

> Can Use Vent : Yes / No

> Can Drag boddy : Yes / No

> Blood Remove after Meeting : Yes / No
(if "yes" the Blood mark has Removed after the Meeting.)


(Team : Cultist) - The cultist must convert 1 to 2 other players in the cult, to win: the cult (cultist + members) must be greater than the number of players who are not members of the cult. the cultist can only convert nice players (Team: crewmate and cupid only) if he tries to convert a villain, the cultist will die at the start of the next meeting!

Settings :

> Convert Cooldown : 5s ~ 60s

> Max Culte Member : "x1" / "x2"

> Die if Fail Convert : Yes/No



The Assassin Steal Ability when he kill other role :

- Sheriff : Kill cooldown reduced by 100%.
- Impostors : Kill cooldown reduced by 50%.
- Engineer or Builder : The Assassin can use Vent.
- Guardian or Mystic : Assassin gain a shield (can`t be killed).
- Timelord : Assassin can Break the Time.
- Mayor or dictator : The assassin sees the colors of the vote.
- Sentinel, Spy or Nightwatche : Assassin's vision is increased
- Detective : The ability of the detective becomes a passive on the assassin
- Informant : The assassin sees player info (roles / task / buff).
- Mentalist : The ability (Admin Table) of the Mentalist becomes a passive on the assassin.

Settings :

> Kill Cooldown : 10s ~ 60s

> Can Kill shielded Player : Yes / No

> Bonus for Kill "Role" : Yes/No


The Slayer Infects one player, when the cooldown is available he can remotely kill his target !

Settings :

> Infect Cooldown : 10s ~ 120s

> Kill Infected Cooldown : 1s ~ 60s

> Infected Can see Infection : Yes / No

> Can Use Vent : Yes / No

> Normal kill if Alone : Yes / No
(If "Yes", When Slayer as Alone impostor alive, Ability was replace by Normal Kill.)


The Morphling can Scan and steal the appearance of another player. If the target die, The Morphling can't use morph, If settings was enabled he can Reuse "Scan" for other target after the next Meeting.

Settings :

> Morph Cooldown : 10s ~ 180s

> Morph Duration : 1s ~ 30s

> Can ReUse Scan : Yes / No

> Can Use Vent : Yes / No


The Scrambler make the players anonymous, their names, colors and skin become similar. Only the camouflage can distinguish the players during the duration of the effect.

Settings :

> Camo Cooldown : 10s ~ 180s

> Camo Duration : 1s ~ 30s

> Can Use Vent : Yes / No


The Barghest is an impostor who has an ability to weaken the vision of other players, if Impostor Unknown mode is activated, other impostors will also be affected. The Barghest have a second ability, he can create one news vents per round.

Settings :

> Shadow Cooldown : 10s ~ 180s

> Shadow Duration : 1s ~ 30s

> Shadow Disable Camera : Yes / No
(if "Yes" during shadow camera has disable.)

> Can Create Vent : Yes / No
(if "yes" Barghest can create 1 vent per round)

> Create vent Cooldown : 10s ~ 00s

> Can Use Barghest Vent : "Only Barghest" / "All Impostors" / "Impostor If can Use" / "Everyone If can Use"
(Who can use the Barghest Vent !)


The Ghost can make itself invisible, if it uses the kill function or uses a vent it loses its invisibility.

Settings :

> Hide Cooldown : 10s ~ 180s

> Hide Duration : 1s ~ 30s

> Can Use Vent : Yes / No


The sorcerer must find 6 runes (which spawn randomly and successively on the map) to unlock his power, it is possible to select the effects of the ability, the sorcerer can permanently deactivate admin, vital, cam, and/or use a times a special kill that disintegrates a player instantly in addition to its normal kill

Settings :

> Unlock Exterminate : Yes / No
(If "yes" Sorcerer can use Exterminate one time)
> Destroy disable : Yes / No
> Destroy disable : Yes / No
> Destroy disable : Yes / No


The guesser has the possibility to kill during the meetings if he guesses the role of another player, if he takes the wrong role it is he who will be killed

Settings :

> Number of Kill during meeting : x1 ~ x10

> Only one Try per Meeting : : Yes / No
(If "yes" Guesser can use one time per meeting Guess Ability.)

> Can Use Vent : Yes / No

>>> Other Features and Settings

Other Settings :

* "Unknown Impostors" = If true : impostors can't see other impostors.
* "Imposter can kill Other impostor
* "Sabotage Coms : Unknown Players* = The sabotage Com disable Skin, color and name of players, "Disable" for disable this fearture, "Enable" for use !
* "Sabotage Reactod : Shaking" = Add Effect camera shaking when Reactor sabotage started, "Disable" for disable this mod, "Enable" for low shaking, "Enable/Fix" for progress mode
* "Sabotage Oxygen Fainting" = Add visual effect and slow player when timer has < 10 secondes "Disable" for disable this mod, "Enable" for active effect.
* Disabled Cam / Admin / Vitales = You can disabled for nothing, everyone or only impostors !

Features Settings :

- Roles Names Add in game/Meeting
- Impostors can Kill other impostors same time !
- Better Skeld Map = Editting The Skeld map, New Vents location and New Road
- Better Pollus Map = Editing pollus map, task, vitales location
- Better Task = More difficult !
- Streamer Mode = Hide Game Code (Copy to Clipboard)
- Unify Plugin = Private Server (Impostor Server) - custom ver. : Challenger & Matux Server
- More Colors = New colors !
- CustomHats = New Hats added !

Bugs, suggestions and requests​

If you've noticed any bugs or have feature suggestions, You can join discord :

Installation and Updating​

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