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  1. Andrzejone

    Software Among Us Instance Manager 1.0.0

    Oryginal author : scosco97 Features Open any number of Among Us instances Close all instances with one button Will use AmongUs Environment Variable, created by Reactor Docs, used by Reactor Instructions Windows Only Download the Latest Version Extract Zip to any location Run...
  2. Andrzejone

    Mega Mod 1.4.1

    Among Us Mega Mod Original author : Webfussel *Note this only works with others who have installed the mod also, aka your friends.* Adds 9 new roles, with settings to change the chance of obtaining one, and also 13 new colours. Crewmate Roles Engineer Description You've been to university...
  3. Andrzejone

    Software Better CrewLink 2.3.6

    Original Creator: OhMyGuus A game voice communicator giving the new experience! Works on Steam as of v2020.12.9s. This project implements proximity voice chat in Among Us. Everyone in an Among Us lobby with this program running will be able to communicate over voice in-game, with no...
  4. Andrzejone

    Software Replay in window v1.3.2

    Oryginal author : sawa90 working on version v2021.3.5s This project add a simple replay feature to Among Us. The replay will appear in the game window when you return to the lobby after the game. In the replay, you can see everyone's location, who killed them and when, the progress of the...
  5. Andrzejone

    Software Among Us Stats Tracker v0.3.2

    Oryginal author : Forceh91 A simple Among Us stats tracker for Windows 10 that displays info such as: Games Started (With breakdown on Crewmate/Impostor spread) Games Won (With breakdown on Crewmate/Impostor spread) Winning trend over the last 5 games (updates) General Stats Crewmate Stats...
  6. Andrzejone

    Software Crew Tracker v1.0.1

    Oryginal Author : ZynoZin Great app helping you keep up with game progress with interactive bar Small fly on screen bar, providing you all maps, note zone and draggable characters